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The bob Harris Service Award

With the blessing of Pap Doug Harris, the Sanctuary Family is honored to be awarding the "bob harris Service Award." This award is given out yearly at the Southeast Olympus Leather contest.

Who was bob harris?

boy bob was Panther  Prowl boy 1995, Mr. North Carolina Leather 1996, Mr. Southeast Drummer 1996 and received the  Pantheon of Leather Reader's Choice Award 1999 As the frst collared submissive to hold a title, boy bob championed the voice , presence and value of boys, his writing and generosity to all who knew him was apparent. he aided many boys in their journey and was always there to provide what was needed. He possessed the uncommon heart of devoted slave. Sadly, boy bob harris passed away on March 29 2002. boy bob was a truly exceptional man who impacted the lives of many in the Atlanta lifestyle community. he was a teach, not only in the many lifestyle classes and seminars he participated in, but my example in his slavery and devotion to Papa Doug. he will be greatly missed.
boy bob ( Jacob ) Harris was the humble property of Pap Doug Harris of the Sanctuary of the Dark Angel in Atlanta GA. Originally a member of the North Carolina Tarheels, boy bob eventually found his way to Atlanta and to Papa Doug's heart he was an intricate part of the Sanctuary family and various leather communities of the Southeast. boy bob viewed service to be to be something that comes from within. To boy boys words, service was a "desire that would be there whether or not the was involved in any form of D/s relationship. In its purist form, service is provided out of love. he viewed service as something which acted as both the reward and incentive.

What is it?

The 'bob harris Service Award" is for those in the leather /BDSM/fetish/and alternative lifestyle community who do not seek, want, or require recognition of their service to the community. Thee are the people who are behind the scenes, who labor tirelessly, with grade and humor, and without complaint. They view service as something that is provided out of love and which serves as both a reward and an incentive.

What type of person are we looking for?

We are looking for a very special individual who provides support to the leather/BDSM/fetish/ and alternative lifestyle community. This person is not the visible leader of a group or committee, and doesn't put themselves out there for the public approval of others. This is someone who quietly goes about their task with grace, humor, and love.

If you have anyone whom you like to nominate please email:   Ms. Susan.




With the blessing of Papa Doug Harris, the Sanctuary Family is honored to be awarding the “bob harris Service Award.” This award is she ill  send you further information.

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